I’m Back….. well kind of… but really!

Wow… I’m kind of embarassed. I just wrote a work blog and part of it encouraged readers to make sure they don’t look like they just got out of prison… My little hiatus makes me look just that way… I … Continue reading

Baby Js 1st Birthday Party -Western Style

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When I Grow Up…

Raise your hand if you “are” what you wanted to be when you “grew up”…… Bueller? Bueller?  Ya, that’s what I thought…

I wanted to be a Teacher for as long as I can remember. Then I figured out too many kids are jerks and their idiot, delusional parents/guardians made them that way. (whole ‘nother post!)  So I became one of those people who just kind of went to college because I was “supposed” to and I ended up never getting a degree.

I welcomed my first born to this world before I could decide to make any other decision… I fell madly, deeply in love and that confirmed my already horrid work ethic! I do what I can with my Scentsy business and other small ventures I make up along the way. I LOVE working with my Wedding Planner friend and planning parties for my kiddos, family & friends. Seriously call me if you need help! 😉

Now my focus is on these little people running around, tearing up my things because we all know mommies can’t have anything nice. I want them to be all the things they want to be when they grow up. Right now I just need them to focus in school, listen at baseball practice, pee IN the potty and take a first step with no hands.

Six year old N wants to be a break dancer at the moment (it changes every week) but my focus is “Well, that’s not gonna make you much money! How will you support your family?” He really doesn’t care… so I don’t care. He just wants to have fun and be happy, so that’s what mommy wants! Next week it’ll be a ninja or a professional baseball player and i’ll support him each time it changes!

Two year old M wants to be like daddy. That is his main goal in life every single day with no change! His list is as follows: 1. Be a tire guy 2. Ride motorcycles. DONE & DONE! Easy! I’m sure it’ll get more complicated but have at it little guy!

Baby J just wants to crawl around without getting stepped on… Hey! We’re working on it!

I hope my kids know or will come to know that I am supportive in all ways. No matter if they want to be a break dancer or just have a goal of living on a motorcycle, I will back them. I will back them in all things big and small. No matter how insignificant the concern may be to them or anyone else, it will always be of utmost concern to me. I hope, pray and try to prepare for when they come to me with these conversations. I really hope they WANT to come to me with these things… I want to be that mom that has the perfect balance of parenting and being their friend.

Here’s hoping! Cheers!