I’m Back….. well kind of… but really!

Wow… I’m kind of embarassed. I just wrote a work blog and part of it encouraged readers to make sure they don’t look like they just got out of prison… My little hiatus makes me look just that way… I … Continue reading

6 pounds in 1 month…That’s something right?!?

It might just be water weight or beginners luck or whatever but it’s still 6 pounds of weight loss!

Lets start from the beginning…

I have AMAZING genes! I have never been overweight and never struggled with body image. I danced and did drill team since I was 4 years old so I was always active. I moved on to high school and was on the Varsity Drill Team up until my Senior Year (other priorities) so I stayed active still. When I graduated I started waiting tables and bartending so again, I was always moving and being active. All this time I NEVER exercised on purpose. When I turned 22 I had my first baby and after he arrived all but about 5 pounds fell off immediately. Number 2 came right before I turned 26 and most of the pounds fell off pretty quick again with no effort. Number 3 got here almost 5 months ago and when I started “trying” I was still 30 pounds over my “goal” weight! AHHHHH!

The 3 INCREDIBLE people that made me gain all this wonderful mommy weight…. at least they’re cute.

Baby boys!

By a lot of people’s standards I’m skinny and I should just hush up…. but weight loss or getting healthy isn’t all about being skinny or looking like a toothpick celebrity. It’s also about FEELING good about yourself and being proud. Also getting healthy and gaining strength could be a life saving goal. I am going to keep trying and not give up… I know several people who have had a more difficult path than me so I know I can do it!

My plan is to (on top of running after 5 kids everyday) do some kind of cardio 5 out of 7 days a week, start some light weight training, drink more water and cut my portion sizes! I don’t eat horribly but I eat a lot more than I should and I. LOVE. CARBS.

Wish me good luck and same to you all!