I’m Back….. well kind of… but really!

Wow… I’m kind of embarassed. I just wrote a work blog and part of it encouraged readers to make sure they don’t look like they just got out of prison… My little hiatus makes me look just that way… I … Continue reading

Exploding Sinks and Other Fun Things to spend a week cleaning up after…

“Wife” walks in front door after hard workout…..

Husband: “Hey babe, have a good workout?”

Wife: “Ya, it was alright, just tired”

Husband: “Ya, me too. I’m gonna go to bed and pass out.”

Wife: “Okay, I’m gonna shower and then hopefully pass out too. I’m beat”

….. “Wife” walks into bathroom and begins to turn on the shower… (pulls on knob)



Yes folks, believe it or not, this excitement was my Monday night this past week! Good times! This week more strangers have been in my house and talked to me on the phone than I care to mention right now… but my house is ALMOST put back together. We have new carpet and tile throughout and 1 and a half new bathrooms! Getting there was not so fun though. It included being nearly scalded by hot water under the sink that never stopped spraying, running back & forth thru our front yard at 11pm in the freezing cold with no shoes on and spending the week with all the kids at my parents house (that last part wasn’t too bad for me since I miss living there) and I cleaned up ALOT after our messy plumbers!

Thank goodness we rent and have a great property management company…. If we owned this place it might be burnt down and made to look like an accident (for purposes of not getting sued, that last part was a joke…. I think).

Through it all I have learned a lot:

1. I am the best one in the family for “supervising” jobs

2. My parents house is still my favorite home

3. I have a LOT more respect for people that CHOOSE to renovate their house while living in them or even temporarily move out, YIKES!

4. I couldn’t do it all by myself and my husband is (usually) more helpful than I ever remember 🙂

5. My plumbers weren’t super amazing

6. My carpet/flooring people were…. find them here…Carpet Outlets of Texas, Inc

Ahhh, the adventures of adulthood I never thought I would have…. I feel so grown up having my own problems and solving them completely on my own!