I’m Back….. well kind of… but really!

Wow… I’m kind of embarassed. I just wrote a work blog and part of it encouraged readers to make sure they don’t look like they just got out of prison…

My little hiatus makes me look just that way…

I will be back SOON, more active than ever and I hope you join me!

I have TONS to catch you up on and even more to drag you along with me in the coming months! I have updated the About Me section of this site, as well as connecting you to some other social media sites so you can follow me! I have a new AMAZING work from home job, the kids are growing like crazy, we’re about to move and renovate a WHOLE house… and more all while staying madly in love with the hubs!

In the mean time, here’s a funny picture of my boys in some new hats they got recently!






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